Quantum Networks#

This module allows the simulation of a network of quantum computers, being able to send and receive qubits. The simulation can be performed on an actual IP-network, which allows testing the behavior of parallel classical interfaces which amend the information transfer.

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The architecture of this module involves a server (QuantumNetworkServer), which simulates quantum operations and measurements and manages the participants. The quantum network itself is then formed by a number of participants connecting to this server via a client object (QuantumNetworkClient).

The client object allows basic low-level operations such as quantum circuit execution and qubit sending. In order to make use of Qrisps high-level programming infrastructure, we provide the QuantumNetworkSession class, which behaves in many ways as a regular QuantumSession (ie. it supports QuantumVariable creation, environments etc.) but also allows sending QuantumVariables to other network participants.