Quantum Fourier Transformation#

QFT(qv, inv=False, exec_swap=True, qiskit_endian=True, inplace_mult=1, use_gms=False, inpl_adder=None)[source]#

Performs the quantum fourier transform on the input.


QuantumVariable to transform (in-place).

invbool, optional

If set to True, the inverse transform will be applied. The default is False.

exec_swapbool, optional

If set to False, the swaps at the end of the transformation will be skipped. The default is True.

qiskit_endianbool, optional

If set to False the order of bits will be reversed. The default is True.

inplace_multint, optional

Allows multiplying the QuantumVariable with an extra factor during the transformation. For more information check the publication. The default is 1.

use_gmsbool, optional

If set to True, the QFT will be compiled using only GMS gates as entangling gates. The default is False.

inpl_addercallable, optional

Uses an adder and a reservoir state to perform the QFT. Read more about it here. The default is None